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    Overall rules.


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    Overall rules.

    Post by Infinite on Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:55 pm

    Hi Eternalist!

    In Ragnarok Online we shall need to follow certain rules for better gaming experience and community.
    Rules break will suffer some  inconvenience for us and player himself/herself. Please maintain goodness in you and we may have bliss to our community and gaming adventures!

    - No begging for items, equipment or zeny in game from GM.
    - No foul language, threat to players (as the game already filtered with some words)
    - Be respectful to others then people will respect you as what you deserved.
    - No botting allowed, players found will be permanently ban from game.
    - Spamming on skills, chat will be muted for certain of time.
    - No impersonation of GM, GM will not asking for password, or items from players. Person found
    impersonation will be ban from game.
    - Bug exploit, players found bug exploiting will be penalty on what kind of bug used.

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